Welcome to Credience Corporation, a leading Australian based international algorithmic trading systems development company that helps significantly grow our institutional funds' wealth. Our expertise comes from having worked for many years in banks and financial institutions globally. Credience was built by mathematicians who set out to beat the stock markets and have since developed many successful proprietary quantitative (quant) algorithms. Credience Corporation works with a number brokers, hedge funds and financial institutions to help manage and grow their funds. We use proprietary quant algorithms that purely use our unique mathematical techniques. We also manually review the trades to ensure that they meet our optimal risk to reward profile.

About Our Feather Theme

Credience’s blue feather theme represents flight to freedom. To have Credience help drive your financial institution'a growth so that it becomes life changing. The feathers make up the wings which allow you to soar to new heights.

Institutional Trading

Strong Performance

Fast Trade Execution

Transfer Funds Easily

Diversify Your Assets

High Availability

Liquidity Providers Used

Why Choose Us

Your accounts are not exposed to a human trader’s manual errors.

We backtest our strategies on over 20 years of tick data so that any logic flaws are identified & corrected.

Manual traders can be at sleep at 3:00AM in the morning when a big market move can damage your account. Our systems run 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week whilst various markets are open.

Manual strategies do not have any mathematical basis to generate performance statistics because each trader will trade the same strategy differently.

Our strategies can generate significant profits in rising markets, falling markets and ranging/sideways market conditions.

Our Core Skills

Technical Trading
Mathematical Algorithms
Financial Modelling
Quantitative (Quant) Analysis
Advanced Programming
Systems Administration
Backtesting & Simulation